Heard is our wellness program for men and women in the food and beverage service industry, focusing primarily on addiction recovery, sobriety support, and mental health support. Heard was started in San antonio in summer of 2018 and continues to grow to other cities, compassionately supporting and intentionally meeting needs of the service industry in each of those cities. for more information or to find out times and locations, please visit iheardyou.org.


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Recovery & Sobriety Support

  • Medical intervention for opioid addiction

  • Weekly support group meetings

  • Financial assistance for inpatient & outpatient rehabilitation

  • Financial assistance for drug/alcohol detoxification

  • Referral resources for continuity of care

  • Job placement assistance in recovery friendly F&B organizations

Mental health support

  • Weekly support group meetings

  • Referral resources for mental health care

  • Financial assistance for therapy programs

  • Self-care seminars


for locations and times visit the heard website


General Wellness Programs

  • Financial wellness resources

  • No-cost yoga and guided mediation sessions

  • Industry wellness-focused social events

  • Wellness symposiums